Kalo was transferred to our centre on 27th July 2022 from the Olive Ridley Project, for rehabilitation in the sea cage to resolve his buoyancy syndrome. He is a very large (nearly 34 kg!), strong male Olive Ridley sea turtle. Kalo was entangled in a ghost net leading to the amputation of one of his front flippers. He was also bitten by a shark and washed into shore. As a result, he is also missing part of one of his back flippers. Kalo was admitted to ORP in January 2022. The veterinary and marine biology team from ORP decided that the next step for his rehabilitation journey was time in the AMC sea cage. Kalo strongly attempts to dive on his rehabilitation swims so we are all very hopeful that after some time in the sea cage that he will be able to be released back into the ocean!

SPECIES: olive ridley

STATUS: vulnerable

SEX: male

PERSONALITY: shy, loves crabs! persistent with dive training.

RELEASABILITY: releasable (hopefully very soon!)