Laura arrived at our centre on 25th December 2017. On two separate occasions, Laura has been entangled in some form of ocean debris for so long that it has torn away at his flesh and bone until his flippers have come off. Because of this, he will not be able to be released so we will be looking at transferring him to bigger tanks elsewhere. Laura has adapted remarkably to use her back flippers to dive, and is competent at diving to the bottom of her tank and resting. 

Laura is actually a "he", when he arrived at the centre he was not fully matured. A turtle needs to be a certain age before we can see whether they are a boy or girl (specifically whether or not they have a big tail!) Laura's tail grew and he became more of a "Laurence". 

SPECIES: olive ridley

STATUS: vulnerable

SEX: male

PERSONALITY: loves to say hi, big eyes and easy to love, tried to escape on a sea swim

RELEASABILITY: not releasable