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Marine Centre at Kanuhura

We are proud to partner with Six Senses Kanuhura, a resort within our atoll. Partnering with Kanuhura gives us the chance to connect with people from all around the world and educate them about the plight of our turtles, the marine life in the Maldives and the challenges we face.

Note: Kanuhura is currently closed for renovations. Whilst guest activities are suspended we continue to monitor the beaches of Kanuhura, Jehunuhura and Masleggihura for turtle nests.

coral gardening.JPG

Coral Gardening

At Kanuhura we run coral gardening workshops with the guests to teach them about the various methods of coral propagation. 

Our Marine Biologist monitors and cleans the frames and corals every week to ensure healthy coral growth.

Our frames are growing corals for the future of the reef at Kanuhura. 

Sunset cruise dhoni.jpg

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins are two common sites near this resort. We travel to the channel at sunset that the dolphins love to use to head out into the open ocean. 

Our Marine Biologist helps spot the dolphins and will discuss any behaviours that the dolphins might be showing.

Turtle tracks_edited.jpg

Turtle Nesting Beach Patrols

Kanuhura and its neighbouring islands- Jehunuhura and Masleggihura- are frequented by laying female sea turtles. We monitor these islands everyday to make sure we collect data on these nests, protect the nests from damage and perform nest relocations when needed. 

Turtle snorkel_edited.jpg

Guest Snorkel Tours

Turtles are a common sight in Lhaviyani atoll. We join guest snorkel tours to make sure everyone is respecting the turtle, keeping a good distance and to take ID photos of any we may come across. 

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