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Atoll Marine Centre was founded in 2012 by locally run NGO Naifaru Juvenile. The centre was opened as a response to so many hatchlings being kept as pets on local islands. Due to outreach performed by our centre this is now much less common.

Our focus since then has shifted from rehabilitating turtle hatchlings to rescuing and rehabilitating adult turtles found stranded or caught in ghost nets. 

We collaborate with local NGO's, marine biologists, local fishermen and resorts to make sure that Lhaviyani atoll remains thoroughly monitored for turtle strandings. We offer a place for injured sea turtles to overcome their injuries and be released back into the ocean.

Come and visit our centre to meet the turtles and our friendly staff who will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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Annual Report 2022

Read all about what we achieved as a centre in 2022!

Key Achievements Include:

-43 sea turtle admissions (93% Released)

-Partnering with Parley to recycle the first plastics from Naifaru

-Began teaching Marine Science to Grade 9 students

-Restarted coral gardening 


Photo: Kayla Vieten, @kaylathedronepilot


Kathryn Skazick

Marine Biologist

Growing up on the east coast of England Kathryn has always been interested in marine life and loved spending time at the beach. She studied Biological Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where she specialized in zoology. Kathryn first volunteered with sea turtles in Kefalonia, Greece in the summer of 2019, sparking her interest in marine conservation. She became passionate about educating others on marine issues, becoming president of the Marine Conservation Society at her university, and writing her final year dissertation on anthropogenic threats to sea turtle species. She also worked as a social media assistant for an ocean science communication non-profit organisation. Kathryn continued to spend her summers volunteering, and more recently working as a Field Assistant, in Greece, patrolling nesting beaches, protecting/ monitoring nests, and tagging turtles. Kathryn believes that working at AMC is an amazing opportunity to make a difference, both caring for the turtles and engaging with the local community to spread awareness of marine threats.   

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Barbara Lainz

Marine Biologist 

Barbara has a master’s degree in Biology specialising in Evolutionary Ecology from Sorbonne university, Paris. Growing up in a French-Spanish family in a coastal city in Spain, she has been always close to the sea and wondered what there is underwater. Always with the idea of travelling, she fell in love with corals while her final project on the different impacts of Climate Change on coral reefs’ cleaner fish at the University of Queensland, Australia. She developed her knowledge working with other non-profit organisations in Australia doing coral reef conservation work. Barbara had always spent her free time doing support classes for children, loving to teach and make students more aware of the actual ecological situation. She is very excited about learning more about turtle rehabilitation and continuing the coral garden project. She believes working with ACM is the best opportunity to learn from a completely new culture doing what she loves the best, understanding the ocean. 


Rasheedhath Anum

Marine Biology Intern

My name is Rasheedhath Anum. I am 15 and currently in high school. I am from Maldives Lh. Naifaru. When I found out about the marine centre hiring interns I was beyond excited to join. I joined the centre because I was interested in marine conservation and the turtles here. I also love trying out new things. I’ve always loved being in the ocean and snorkeling. I am interested in being a pilot after school and now I’m also interested in marine science! 


Fathimath Dhuaa

Marine Biology Assistant 

Hi, my name is Fathimath Dua. I’m a Maldivian from Lh.Naifaru. I’m 17 and I recently graduated from Madhrasathul Ifthithaah. I love the ocean. Snorkeling and diving is my favourite thing to do. I joined the atoll marine center as an intern because I’ve always wanted to help or work in marine conservation and I love sea turtles. I also love to try and learn new things. Especially things related to ocean. My dream is to become a dive master and i would love to take this opportunity to gain more experience in this field since it would help me grow and achieve my dream easily.


Noémie Hofman


Noémie qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2017 from the University of Liège, Belgium. She has always been passionate about wildlife and conservation. During her studies she completed various externships with marine species as well as African megafauna. After graduating she worked as a domestic animal veterinarian for 3 years before specializing in wildlife. She has since then worked with wild chimpanzees, sea turtles, completed an internship in zoological medicine and obtained a certificate in aquatic wildlife health issues. Meanwhile she graduated with an additional master in conservation medicine from the University of Edinburgh. Noémie is very excited to have an active role to play in the multiple conservation challenges the Atoll Marine Center faces.


Caitlin Rentell

Volunteer Coodinator

Caitlin studied Marine Biology at Plymouth University in the UK. She has always been passionate about conservation and communicating science digitally. Caitlin has volunteered in multiple roles previously for outreach, education and conservation purposes. Caitlin is excited to work at AMC whilst also communicating with the wider world. She loves snorkelling and observing marine life no matter how big or small.

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