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Atoll Marine Centre was founded in 2012 by locally run NGO Naifaru Juvenile. The centre was opened as a response to so many hatchlings being kept as pets on local islands. Due to outreach performed by our centre this is now much less common.

Our focus since then has shifted from rehabilitating turtle hatchlings to rescuing and rehabilitating adult turtles found stranded or caught in ghost nets. 

We collaborate with local NGO's, marine biologists, schools local fishermen and resorts to make sure that Lhaviyani atoll remains thoroughly monitored for turtle strandings. We offer a place for injured sea turtles to overcome their injuries and be released back into the ocean.

Come and visit our centre to meet the turtles and our friendly staff who will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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Annual Report 2022

Read all about what we achieved as a centre in 2022!

Key Achievements Include:

-43 sea turtle admissions (93% Released)

-Partnering with Parley to recycle the first plastics from Naifaru

-Began teaching Marine Science to Grade 9 students

-Restarted coral gardening 

Our Team


Amy Dennette

Volunteer Coordinator 


Rasheedhath Anum

Marine Biology Intern 

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