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Atoll Marine Centre was founded in 2012 by locally run NGO Naifaru Juvenile. The centre was opened as a response to so many hatchlings being kept as pets on local islands. Due to outreach performed by our centre this is now much less common.

Our focus since then has shifted from rehabilitating turtle hatchlings to rescuing and rehabilitating adult turtles found stranded or caught in ghost nets. 

We collaborate with local NGO's, marine biologists, local fishermen and resorts to make sure that Lhaviyani atoll remains thoroughly monitored for turtle strandings. We offer a place for injured sea turtles to overcome their injuries and be released back into the ocean.

Come and visit our centre to meet the turtles and our friendly staff who will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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Annual Report 2022

Read all about what we achieved as a centre in 2022!

Key Achievements Include:

-43 sea turtle admissions (93% Released)

-Partnering with Parley to recycle the first plastics from Naifaru

-Began teaching Marine Science to Grade 9 students

-Restarted coral gardening 


Photo: Kayla Vieten, @kaylathedronepilot


Alisa Slawinski 

Marine Biologist

Alisa has a bachelor's of science in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation, as well as Environmental Sciences. Growing up on the east coast in America, she always loved visiting the beach and spending as much time in the water as she could. From a young age, she has been drawn to helping marine life, especially turtles. While completing her degree, Alisa was involved in many sustainable outreach events, research with the local zoo, and different volunteer projects. Alisa's previous work in sea turtle rehabilitation makes her a great asset to our team. Alisa believes that education is key in helping protect the marine environment, so she is excited about visiting local schools and focusing on community outreach.  


Zoë Middleton

Marine Biologist 

Zoë is a true ocean addict and has spent the past year since graduating living and gaining conservation experience on beaches all over the world. 

She is excited to work with turtles in a new capacity and cannot wait to get started with our coral restoration work! 


Rasheedhath Anum

Marine Biology Intern

My name is Rasheedhath Anum. I am 15 and currently in high school. I am from Maldives Lh. Naifaru. When I found out about the marine centre hiring interns I was beyond excited to join. I joined the centre because I was interested in marine conservation and the turtles here. I also love trying out new things. I’ve always loved being in the ocean and snorkeling. I am interested in being a pilot after school and now I’m also interested in marine science! 


Fathimath Dhuaa

Marine Biology Assistant 

Hi, my name is Fathimath Dua. I’m a Maldivian from Lh.Naifaru. I’m 17 and I recently graduated from Madhrasathul Ifthithaah. I love the ocean. Snorkeling and diving is my favourite thing to do. I joined the atoll marine center as an intern because I’ve always wanted to help or work in marine conservation and I love sea turtles. I also love to try and learn new things. Especially things related to ocean. My dream is to become a dive master and i would love to take this opportunity to gain more experience in this field since it would help me grow and achieve my dream easily.


Gabriella Bóka


After being certified as a vet back in 2019, Gabriella began her work in Thailand, Bulgaria, and Fuerteventura doing wildlife veterinary internships. After this, she worked as a vet at the Sóstó Zoo

Gabriella has enjoyed widening her knowledge in different fields of veterinary medicine so that she can treat various species of animals and give them a chance to be released back to the wild. 


Janneke Den Hollander

Volunteer Coodinator

Janneke has a bachelor's degree in behavioral biology and marine science. Having worked with both primates and dolphins, she has found her passion in marine conservation and has a big love for the ocean and all marine life inside it. Janneke was a pervious volunteer at Atoll Marine Centre and now is very excited to work with the volunteers and marine biologists! 

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