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Ghost net entanglement

A step by step guide on how to rescue a turtle entangled in a ghost net


Step 1

Stop and Assess.

Don't rush into getting the turtle out of the net. Stop and evaluate what is the best course of action. 

Step 2

Retrieve the turtle

Never lift the turtle by the net. 

Always lift by gripping the shell tightly by placing one hand behind its head and the other at the bottom of the shell.

Step 3

Remove the net

Is the net embedded deep/ cutting into the skin?

If yes: contact AMC (+960) ... for professional help

If no: Remove net carefully. If it has no injuries, can dive and not bleeding then it can be released straight away.

Step 4

Secure the turtle

Wrap the turtle in a damp towel "burrito" style or swaddle like a baby. 

Never put the turtle on its back.

Call AMC biologist to arrange transport to Naifaru. 

Step 5

If possible...

Take photos of the turtle stuck in the net.

Record the GPS location of the net.

Collect the net and all debris out of the ocean.

Let us know the GPS location if you cannot collect the net.

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