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How to get involved

It takes a lot of work and funding to run a rescue and rehabilitation centre. Find out how you can be involved in helping us run AMC and even join us out here in the Maldives.

Adopt a turtle

Our turtles all have different stories and journeys to follow. Adopting a turtle sends money straight to our centre and we send you pictures and updates about your new turtle. 


Volunteer Program

We run a marine conservation program here on the local island of Naifaru. Spend your days on with the turtles and days off on local uninhabited islands.Learn from our marine biologists and veterinarian and make a real difference here in the Maldives.



Rehabilitating sea turtles involves a lot of upkeep and maintenance. We are also always expanding and improving our centre. Currently we are fundraising for a new pump that will mean we can build larger more suitable tanks for our patients. You can donate to our centre through our GoFundMe page following the link below.

Hawksbill hatchling
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