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Biscuit came to us from Olive Ridley project as part of a “turtle swap”! We had a resort in Lhaviyani bring us Leo, a turtle that needed urgent care. We sent Leo to ORP and in return got Biscuit. She was found in North Male Atoll washed up on the beach at Patina Fari Islands on the 16th December 2021. She was already missing her front right flipper and part of both her back flippers. While she only has one fully functional flipper, she began diving again whilst under the care of ORP. Biscuit loves her sea swims and always has a big appetite. She will stay with us until ORP have space to take her back again!

SPECIES: olive ridley

STATUS: vulnerable

SEX: unknown

PERSONALITY: feisty and nippy, will eat anything

RELEASABILITY: not releasable

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