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Cora has been with us since August 11, 2022. Cora is an adult male Olive Ridley sea turtle. He was found floating entangled in a ghost net in Raa Atoll and was discovered by the Cora Cora Resort. Due to this ghost net entanglement, Cora lost his two front flippers before he was found. Due to the loss of his front flippers, he is non-releasable. Currently in our center, Cora loves spending time out in our floating marine center.   Cora also suffers from buoyancy syndrome, which is when there is air in the body cavity. This prevents Cora from diving. Cora does not let these issues slow him down though! He continues to conquer the challenges our staff gives him to encourage him to dive for food. Cora loves when we clean the algae off his shell and is always ready for feeding time.

SPECIES: Olive Ridley

STATUS: Vulnerable

SEX: Male 

PERSONALITY: Mischievous 

RELEASABILITY: Not releasable

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