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Donatello has been with us since the 14th June 2016, she was given to us at just 1 week old. Donatello has a severely bent carapace due to a condition called lordosis. This is a result of Donnie being kept as a pet when she was a hatchling. It is probably due to an infection or over-handling, the cause is still unconfirmed. Unfortunately, this defect has gotten worse as Donnie has grown, but they can still dive and swim around the tank! Donnie will not be able to be released however she is a great candidate for raising awareness of anthropogenic problems affecting turtles. In her spare time you will find Donnie blowing bubbles and demanding attention by waving their flipper around!

SPECIES: green sea turtle

STATUS: endangered

SEX: female

PERSONALITY: charming, loves attention, will coax you over then splash you

RELEASABILITY: not releasable

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