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Olga was found on the 26th July 2019 near a resort island, she was floating at the surface of the water with her front left flipper missing. Her injury is likely due to entanglement in discarded fishing net. Olga also suffers from severe buoyancy syndrome, meaning that she cannot dive and will therefore not survive in the wild. Once Olga is able to be release the trapped air in her shell she will be free to return to her ocean home! We try to encourage her diving during feeding time, but she does have a tendency to just watch the pieces fall and turn her big doe eyes to us for another (easier to catch) piece! 

Olga is currently in the sea cage practicing her diving. We hope this motivates her to get diving and get back into the ocean. We will continually allow her time in the sea cage so that she has the best chance of release. 


SPECIES: olive ridley

STATUS: vulnerable

SEX: female

PERSONALITY: lazy, always ready to eat, always curious

RELEASABILITY: releasable when diving

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