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September 2022 Turtle Updates

Kalo's Release

Kalo arrived at AMC on the 27th of July from the Olive Ridley Project where he was firstly

admitted in January of 2022 due to ghost net

entanglement, amputating one of his front

flippers. Kalo was left in our care to overcome the

last of his buoyancy syndrome and he was

successfully released! He very easily took to each

increase in depth, attempting to snack on the way!

We are confident Kalo is strong and healthy

enough to survive in the ocean where he belongs.

The Olive Ridley Project did tremendous work with

Kalo whilst he was in their care. As always we are

very thankful for the partnership we have with ORP

which has resulted in a consistent commitment to

turtle conservation in the Maldives between both

organisations and more turtle releases!

Turtle release days make all the work worth it for

our team at AMC and are significant progress for

the turtle rehabilitation effort in the Maldives.


Turtle Updates


We have continued to feed Olga with an enrichment feeding mechanism and she makes every effort to dive for food. Olga, who unfortunately has buoyancy syndrome, attempted to dive and reached a depth of 46cm for tuna, an improvement from last month! We hope that by continuing to feed at her at deeper depths, that she will overcome her buoyancy so we can then release her!


Tom is enjoying his big new tank, where he has lots of space to swim around and practice his diving. We have continued to feed Tom using the enrichment tool so that he must use some energy in order to get a reward. After several dive attempts, he was able to reach for tuna at a depth of 29cm - an improvement from last month! He is really active in sea swims and interacts with the wildlife as much as he can.


Hope’s appetite has increased dramatically this month as she has been growing. She has been consuming her seagrass more quickly than usual and also has been enjoying feeding from her enrichment tool. It has proven to be good exercise for her as she must expend more energy to reach the tuna at depth. She tried squid for the first time this month and as usual did not take long to devour it.


Biscuit has been enjoying his new and improved diet, full of squid, crabs and tuna. He has also tried dried cuttlefish bone which he was very fond of. We have continued to feed him with a feeding enrichment tool, so that he must use more energy in order to get a reward. Biscuit is unquestionably the most active out of all the turtles we have here.


Donny has been relaxing in his tunnel and under his seagrass plate this month. We also started feeding him using a tuna enrichment tool, it took some getting used to as it was a new feeding technique, however now he is completely comfortable with it. Donatello is a very intelligent turtle and can now manage to feed from several enrichment tools within a matter of minutes. This way of feeding is beneficial for him because it allows him to get some exercise and utilise his problem solving, foraging abilities.


Cora accepted tuna for the first time this month however he prefers crabs. As Cora suffers from buoyancy syndrome, we use food to encourage him to dive, and he made it to a depth of 26cm! As our most recent admission, Cora is still adjusting to recovery in the centre and enjoys the shelter of his tunnel.

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